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The Cursed King was our first major project! In Fact we are returning to finish it and offer prints!

This was the start of our adventure. The epic 6 part adventure takes you to Kha, a land that has been divided by war and dark forces. You have been sent by a mysterious client to acquire a strange and powerful relic but will this wildland prove too much for you? 


The GM's Toolkit is a brilliant book for any adventure creation and encounter generation!

This project raised over £3000 on Kickstarter with over 100 backers strong. The book is designed to make your life easier and comes with a bunch of content to throw at your party. 

A brilliant adventure that has you helping out a tavern owner! Alongside a 5E Tavern system so you can run your own!

This project funded in just 10 mins and ended July 8th 2021, raising another £3000.

KS Banner Image fb.jpg

We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary by completing the Cursed King series!

This is an end to one chapter and the start of another! Join us as we celebrate together!


The Caravan module offers awesome mechanics based on our Q.P.S. System (Quality, Prestige, & Supply), making your camp

self-sufficient and easy to manage! Valuable NPCs take on various tasks within the camp, running operations and improving the ability for you to acquire more gold, items, and resources.


Successfully funded, this was our greatest project yet!


Zealots of Anguish was a chance for us to create our own class! This epic addition to 5E was a great success and so much fun to make.

We even included a full three-part adventure centred around the class with our most epic story to date!

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