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A Heroes Kingdom: Our next destination!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

A brand expansion brought to you by the mind behind The Royal Unicorn: A Tavern running module and Caravans: A Camp running module for 5E D&D. A Heroes Kingdom: A 5E Kingdom Running Expansion is the ultimate and most exciting project we have developed to date!

Ever wanted to start your own Kingdom after a long career of being an adventurer, maybe you inherited the kingdom from a distant relative, or simply saved a small castle from doom and now they pledge to serve you! With this expansion, you can continue your quest to explore and protect but have a place to call home, a fortress nonetheless. Upgrade your walls, build buildings, and take part in sieges as you grow. You can decide on the type of leadership your kingdom follows, the rules and laws that dictate their way of life, and the type of economy that will make you thrive.

Sometimes others will want what is yours, and you must defend against sieges to prevent raiding and destruction. This game mode has you develop battle plans against your enemy's attack and then take part in those very plans as the brave men and women of your garrison, which will most likely end in death. Although you may want to be the one making moves, scout out other settlements and take what you want, plan an attack and execute it!

What kind of kingdom will you become? Will you vow to protect, will you be a scourge upon the world, or will you simplify live to serve a greater force?

Our Launch date is not yet confirmed as we are still finalizing rewards for our last Kickstarter. We believe our backers should be prioritized but we'll still work on our next project and we thank you all for supporting us over the last two years! Kind regards, Lewis and the DCS Team

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